Harmony in Design

UpRock's art of crafting comprehensive tokenomics


We prioritize holistic management, focusing on ongoing analysis, adaptation and community involvement for long-term success with clear transparency.

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UpRock Tokenomics Pie Chart

Token allocation

We dedicate 50% of the token supply to the community, with team members receiving tokens based on in-app revenue and product achievements, ensuring fair recognition of their efforts. Like NFT royalties, a share of each transaction goes to the team, motivating continuous platform improvement. Transparent spending ensures accountability, with all team wallet activities meticulously documented and explained to maintain community trust.

Release schedule

Beta period tokens
90%Released over 90 days, then buy-back mechanism begins
10%Unlocked at launch
Team & Advisors
18 month lock, then linearly over 12 months
Accelerated unlocks
Based on community proposals and events
Exchanges & Market Makers
Depends on the listing

Our approach

UpRock's tokenomics focuses on a dynamic, performance-based distribution system, inspired by NFT royalties and real-time revenue sharing.


12-18 Month Strategic Roadmap

Short Term: Building the Foundation

In the short term, UpRock will focus on foundational initiatives to establish a robust infrastructure and expand our customer base. These efforts align with our overarching vision of becoming the world's best rewards platform and people-powered, open data network for the AI-driven internet.

Cross-platform support

Extend support across iOS, Windows, and Linux for comprehensive cross-platform availability.

Launch token generation event (TGE)

Our goal is to win the 2nd round of the Jupiter LFG Launchpad and launch our TGE with Jupiter via Meteora DLMM pool. If for any reason we do not win the vote, we still launch TGE through Meteor's DLMM pool. Simultaneously list with our partners, Cube Exchange.
Even if time moves faster, the crypto market go to the literal moon and every mobile phone in the world installs UpRock, the team pool will have 0% unlock on TGE, and regardless of any other milestones we hit the entirety of the team pool will remain locked for at least 30 days after TGE if we win round #2 of the Jupiter LFG launchpad. Period.

Partnership kickoff with Cube

Kickstart partnership with Cube to leverage shared customer bases toward our shared mission of registering millions of customers worldwide.

Implementation of KOII and SNS

Implement KOII and SNS earnings engines in UpRock Apps to unlock new revenue avenues.

Development of UpRock's B2B data services

Develop MVP for UpRock's DePIN subdomain to establish reliability as a data provider and onboard our first customers.

Medium Term: Scaling and Expansion

In the medium term, UpRock will focus on scaling operations, expanding partnerships, and introducing new features to drive customer adoption and revenue growth.

Expand DePIN partnerships

Initiate 3-6 new DePIN partnerships to accelerate customer acquisition and network growth.

List UPT on additional exchanges

List UPT with more exchange partners to enhance liquidity and accessibility, attracting new token holders and customers to the UpRock ecosystem.

Launch NFT-based reward programs

Introduce UpRock's NFT-based rewards programs based on the new WEN Standard to drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

Introduction of AI Rocket

Introduce Rocket, your AI companion for deals and customer service. Rocket transcends the limitations of closed AI platforms, utilizing UpRock's open data network to bring you personalized, real-time insights and deals while providing human-centric customer service through natural language interaction.

Advance UpRock's B2B open data solutions

Continue building out our B2B open data network for the AI-driven internet, onboarding more B2B customers and offering end-to-end functionality including access to our network, data collection services, and mobile proxy products.

Long Term: Sustainable Growth and Monetization

In the long term, UpRock will concentrate on achieving sustainable growth, maximizing revenue potential, and solidifying our position as a leading player in the AI-driven internet space through the continued expansion and optimization of our DePIN network.

Target 10+ million installs worldwide

Scaling our customer base to 10+ million installs worldwide is pivotal for optimizing cost-per-install, dominating mobile distribution, and achieving network effects. This milestone unlocks significant value on both the B2B and B2C sides of our platform, providing AI companies and developers with valuable real-time open data and distribution of their AI tools, apps and dapps, while empowering customers with collective buying power through the world's best rewards program. Ultimately, this drives organic buying interest for the token, fostering a robust tokenomics model that encourages both earning and purchasing $UPT.

Monetize every active install

Generating consumer revenue from every active install through token swaps, staking, and direct purchases of $UPT for deals will increase liquidity and revenue potential. This initiative is essential for maximizing token utility and driving sustainable growth.

Cultivate B2B data revenue streams

Attracting competitive rates for bandwidth and compute resources per install, per month by offering uptime monitoring, proxy products, and data products will diversify revenue streams and solidify UpRock's position as a leading data provider. This initiative aligns with our vision of becoming the go-to platform for AI companies and developers seeking real-time, uncensored global data and mobile distribution for their AI tools, apps and dapps.