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How it Works

Your 24/7 AI Adventure Hacker

Meet Rocket - your loyal, adventurous AI doggo that fetches deals, auto-earning rewards and keeps your wallet safe. That's a goodboy! Rocket transcends the limitations of closed AI platforms, utilizing UpRock's open data network to bring you personalized, real-time insights and deals. Say goodbye to the hassle of endless tabs and welcome a new era of personalized digital convenience.

Democratizing AI Data Access

Today's AI, more smothering than a helicopter parent and sneakier than a gaslighting terminator, keeps us in the dark with Big Tech's overbearing controls. UpRock's mobile-first network breaks these chains, offering a beacon of truth. Join us in pioneering a truly open AI future, where your shared bandwidth fuels the liberation of data, turning passive income into an active revolution against censored AI.

World's first reward program for doing (almost) nothing

Data's the new gold, and UpRock's your pickaxe. In a snap, transform your dormant internet into a source of passive income. And by joining the network you're in for more than tokens; you're part of an AI liberation movement. Our Knowledge Abstraction Layer (KAL) and global network make you a pioneer in a fair, open AI data world. With UpRock, your shares enrich your wallet and forge a smarter, liberated internet.

Your loyal companion gives you super powers

Effortless signup to start earning

Joining UpRock is a breeze. Our platform rewards you for contributing to a larger ecosystem, where your data helps power AI discoveries and savings. Sign up, start earning, and become part of a movement that values your contribution to the open AI landscape. Simply install the UpRock Earning app, and start earning multiple rewards in under two minutes, including $UPT - UpRock's official crypto token. Refer friends for bonus tokens - no complicated set up or credit card required!

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What's a people-powered AI DePIN network?

Decoding the Magic Behind UpRock's Mobile-First DePIN:
At the heart of UpRock lies a groundbreaking approach to AI's data needs—a sprawling, mobile-first DePIN (aka decentralized physical infrastructure) network that does more than just connect dots; it redraws the entire map of AI data acquisition. This edge layer of real-device tackles the critical demand for extensive real-world data. This isn't just about tapping into unused bandwidth; it's about laying down the tracks for an open AI future, free from the clutches of closed platforms.

Crafting the Knowledge Abstraction Layer (KAL):
At UpRock's core is the KAL, a masterful orchestration of advanced web crawling, intelligent routing, and state-of-the-art LLM data extraction techniques. This layer represents the heartbeat of an open AI tech stack, delivering raw, uncensored global knowledge directly to your fingertips.

Rewards, Not Just Tokens:
Step into UpRock's world, and you're not just earning; you're revolutionizing how data fuels AI. With over 600k contributors and counting, our network isn't just big; it's a behemoth powering the demand for an open AI future. Through UpRock's dashboard, users gain unparalleled access to the vast data market. Our rewards program not only incentivizes participation but democratizes the flow of information, making uncensored insights and top-tier rewards accessible to all.

  • Network incentives: earn passive rewards for data contribution, redeemable & tradeable
  • Unlock AI for deals: gain comprehensive insights for the best deals worldwide
  • Bypass gatekeepers: Surpass data hurdles for superior insights

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