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UpRock is the first people-powered AI data network fueling real-time, unbiased insights for creators, brands and businesses. Join today and help us build a humanity-first future that empowers the many, not the few.

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Easy install, easy earnings

Discover the transformative power of Web3 while contributing to a dynamic AI network. Earn tokens by sharing your unused bandwidth and actively participate in the democratization of global knowledge access and the insights it creates.
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Install the UpRock AI Earnings App from your dashboard. Create a web3-enhanced profile first, earn more tokens, and access exclusive rewards.

Earn Tokens

Download UpRock AI Earnings App (Beta). Share your internet, earn tokens instantly. Simply install and create an account.
Available for MacOS v.13+. Pre-register for Android. Additional platform support coming soon.

Create, Collect, Conquer

Why Decentralization?

AI today is largely controlled by big tech, restricting access to diverse and unbiased real-time insights. Overcoming these challenges is further complicated by the exorbitant costs associated with data acquisition, bandwidth, and computing power, which give large corporations a monopoly over AI advancements. At UpRock, we're on a mission to change this paradigm. We're building a humanity-first AI platform that embraces the web3 revolution, providing real-time, comprehensive data streams through a global network of real-browser, real device peers.

How Does UpRock Stand Out from ChatGPT?

The AI landscape today is barely scratching the surface of potential interactions with real-time data sources. We're moving past the limitations of platforms like ChatGPT by deploying our Knowledge Acquisition Layer (KAL) - a dynamic AI data network - to tap into the power of real-world browser engines for reliable, up-to-the-minute insights from devices across the globe. In contrast to platforms like ChatGPT, UpRock avoids centralizing information in the hands of a select few, which would risk compromising the principles of Web3. By incentivizing participation, our platform isn't just about providing AI tools; it's about democratizing the data and the insights that it creates.
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Thriving AI Data Network
Imagine a future where tens of thousands of individuals come together to form a powerful AI data network. Together, we create an unstoppable force, pooling our bandwidth and compute resources to fuel the growth of AI where incentives are aligned with all parties in the ecosystem.
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User-friendly, Actionable Insights
Access real-time, actionable insights that go beyond language generation prompts. UpRock's advanced AI agents extract and summarize data directly from the source, offering unparalleled customization, dynamic topic monitoring, sentiment analysis, and trend identification. Stay ahead of the curve with UpRock.
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Seamless Web3 Integration
As a web3 native platform, we respect your identity and data privacy. We are dedicated to developing web3 tools that empower you to connect, engage, and monetize your audience or customers. Become part of a transformative movement that unites decentralized networks and AI, shaping the future of digital ecosystems.

High Level Roadmap

Empowering the Many: Collaborate, Contribute, and Reap the AI Rewards.
Phase 1: Download the UpRock AI Earnings App
Join the community by installing our powerful app, designed to harness the power of the people with no friction. Begin with beta version 0.0.1, which includes a bandwidth speed test and lays the foundation for what's to come.
Option 1: Start Earning Instantly
Download the UpRock AI Earnings App and start earning tokens instantly with just your email. By contributing your unused bandwidth and compute power, you become an integral part of our decentralized network, fueling the growth of AI and sharing in the rewards.

Option 2: Unlock Additional Benefits
Take your involvement to the next level by creating a web3-enhanced profile. Earn additional tokens and unlock exclusive rewards by fully participating in our community. Then, download the UpRock AI Earnings App to amplify your earnings and contribute even more to our mission.

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Phase 2: Shape the AI Future as an UpRock AI Earnings User
In our upcoming version 1, start actively contributing to the Knowledge Acquisition Layer as the UpRock app upgrades to a real browser proxy, a vital component of our decentralized ecosystem. Your device will securely contribute bandwidth and compute power, paving the way for groundbreaking AI tools.
Your Privacy is respected: Your personal browser history is never sold or monitored. The UpRock AI Earnings App works alone in the background for the specific purpose of powering the AI platform only.
Coming Soon
Phase 3: Launch AI
UpRock launches the AI platform for creators, brands and businesses, powered by the people. Customers can now seamlessly integrate advanced AI agents, unified dashboards, and APIs into their workflow. Customers will gain real-time insights, track trends, and make informed decisions that propel their creativity, business, and brand forward.
As creators, brands, and businesses utilize the AI platform, they pay for the services provided, generating revenue that flows back to the AI data network providers. This unique business model ensures liquidity and sustainability, where the success of the platform is directly linked to the participation and contribution of the community. By aligning incentives and sharing value, UpRock creates a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits all participants.
Coming Soon

Customer Use Cases

Helping creators, brands and businesses amplify productivity, save time, and unlock exponential growth.

Blockchain + AI Collaborator

Other blockchain and AI companies recognize the power of the UpRock decentralized network and seek to integrate it into their own AI models and products. By accessing the vast network of shared bandwidth and compute power, they amplify their capabilities and benefit from the collective intelligence of the community.

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Effortless Web3 Onboarding

Through our simple onboarding process, we empower creators and brands to seamlessly embrace the benefits of web3 and participate in the value generated by a community-driven ecosystem. Create a web3-enhanced profile and join the revolution.


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Experience the difference with UpRock – where real-time insights, community collaboration, and Web3 integration converge to empower your success in the AI era.
Web3 Wallet
Effortlessly manage your UpRock tokens and other crypto rewards, engage in airdrops, and leverage AI-powered insights to make informed decisions within the crypto landscape.
AI-Powered Super Feed
Leverage UpRock's AI tool to curate a personalized super feed for your subscribers, maximizing engagement and amplifying your reach.
Rewards & Competitions
Amp up your channels with interactive contests. Host raffles and giveaways, send prizes and more.
AI Dashboards & APIs
Harness the power of AI through user-friendly dashboards and APIs. Analyze data patterns, track performance, and make informed decisions to propel your success.
Address Capture
Collect email and web3 wallet addresses for streamlined marketing campaigns, promotions, and airdrops.
Earn Rewards
Make passive income for using UpRock and joining the UpRock AI Data Network. Invite friends and you'll both get tokens when they join.

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Join UpRock and revolutionize the creator economy with our powerful AI platform. Shape the future of AI-driven innovation and empower creators to unleash their full potential. Get early access, tokens, and exciting collaboration opportunities. Sign up and help redefine the AI powered creator economy at UpRock.

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